MMO Roulette

The new grind of choice is Final Fantasy XIX. My main character is Blue Revenant, White Mage, Catman, Tailor, Occasional Flake. Got an alt, Dynaheir Rehte, Tank, Just Tank.

Been enjoying it so far. The fights, which are the main reason I play an MMO, can be a downright blast. We’ll see how long it holds my attention. So far, it’s looking to keep it for the long-term.

I do have an immediate complaint however. The grind. Specifically the grind for the currency (called Tomes) that is used to purchase the latest, greatest armour. Like most WoW inspired MMOs you grind out dungeons and raids to acquire this currency. And like all MMO populations, people ferret out the fastest way possible to do so. In XIVs case this involves running a single dungeon, the fastest one, over and over and over and over and over and oh gawd why won’t it stop!? There is a “Duty Roulette” that gives extra of the currency. But, you can only queue by yourself and you can only get that bonus once a day; it’s also a tiny bonus, only increasing the tome output by about half. In WoW, the one who set the bar for this and many other game systems, you could do the equivalent of queuing randomly (Dungeon Finder) as many times as you wanted and get a reward. First queue the raid currency, subsequent queues the dungeon currency. The big difference being you got the currency from queuing randomly rather than a reward from the dungeon itself. You could also go in with a full pre-made party. Pre-made party roulette queues is being added into XIV, however the reward will still only be the first queue of the day, making multiple random queues moot in the face of efficiency. The random in WoW kept it somewhat fresh as you could get one out of a large pool of dungeons. In XIV only three dungeons (of 8 endgame dungeons) has the current currency tied into boss kills, and only one is the fastest (Brayflox Hard). It’s monotonous and makes me want to throw up my hands and say forget it.

I would love on so many levels if XIV adopted more aspects of the idea WoW polished. I’m wondering if they missed the point of the currency reward being tied to the random queue rather than the dungeon, or they’re trying to make us go insane.

(This was originally posted over on “Eccentric Avatar”; I’ve decided to consolidate the two.)