The Prince Who Was Promised

If you have no idea what that title means in the context of Game of Thrones or are just completely against any potential spoilers do not click “Read More” below.  Otherwise, click below to “read more” about a theory I’ve held for a long time!

Like so, so, so many others I enjoy Game of Thrones,  the books and t.v show.  One of the long standing mysteries of both is the question of who is The Prince Who Was Promised (a fabled hero/heroine who will save everyone).  Also, like so many others, I have a theory!

The “rules” set out for the prophecy and this fabled person’s “birth”, literal or metaphorical, are:

1.  He will be born under a bleeding star (that red comet we saw in the sky during the second season of GoT most likely.)
2.  He will be born amidst salt and smoke
3. Of the Blood of the Dragon
4.  Dragons will return?
5.  A Dark Eye will watch him?

The prophecy is ancient, so details have been lost, the telephone game in full force.  But, assuming the tales are true, who is the Prince or Princess?  My theory:

Daenerys’ still-born child.  The one she sacrificed to save Khal Drogo.

The baby would have hit all of the requirements.  If he had been born it would have been “under the bleeding star”, he had the blood of dragons from being a Targareyn, salt and smoke can always be easily bent in (crossing the salt sea perhaps?).  The dragons assumedly still would have hatched; possibly from Drago’s funeral pyre (in this scenario the infection kills him, the baby is alive).  Who knows about that Dark Eye.  George R.R Martin is also strongly for the tearing down of common fantasy tropes; like the prophecy always comes true.

It all fits; it fits with George R.R Martin’s stance, it fits with the requirements, and it means one thing.

The prophecy is broken, The Prince Who Was Promised is dead.


2 thoughts on “The Prince Who Was Promised

  1. patricksponaugle September 18, 2016 / 1:25 pm

    A grim interpretation, but not an implausible one. I kind of like the idea that Jon is the PWWP, with Ned carrying Arthur Dayne’s bloody sword, Dawn, to Lyanna’s bedside as the born under the bleeding star requirement.

    But I’m not a fan of prophecies per se, so your short circuiting the prophecy and breaking it appeals to me.

    • Robyn September 18, 2016 / 10:20 pm

      Thank you :D. Yeah, if it is anybody (alive) I am on the Jon Snow train for sure. That’s a great explanation for the bleeding star.

      Hopefully when we do get an answer it will be satisfying at least.

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