Don’t touch me

I had a random thought the other day as I meandered around on my warlock, Usiri, doing the questline for my Felhunter. I was on the airship from Undercity to Orgrimmar when a random undead priest started healing me, not exactly unusual behaviour on the random scale. But, as I sat there thinking about it, and then thinking about it in a roleplaying context something struck me. If I was Usiri riding the airship and some random person I didn’t know cast spells on me, no matter the kind, wouldn’t that be a violation of my personal space? How must it feel to have some stranger’s magic arcing along your skin, suffusing you?

I imagined Usiri’s skin crawling from the foreign power, a sickness filling his gut as a spiritual violation was enacted upon him. He would of course be upset, and would probably lash out as is his personality to do so. Think of it as akin to riding the train and some stranger grabs your posterior, it’s not an experience anyone wishes to have (well most anyone). This in turn also opens up whole new avenues of harassment for characters of the less then savoury sort.

So, now when I’m IC I keep this in mind, prepared to yell at any who dare violate one of my characters.

(Posted way back in 2009)