The Prince Who Was Promised

If you have no idea what that title means in the context of Game of Thrones or are just completely against any potential spoilers do not click “Read More” below.  Otherwise, click below to “read more” about a theory I’ve held for a long time!

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I smiled today

I just watched a street performer in Japan.  I was sitting in my home drinking a cup of tea watching a man perform thousands of miles away.  His friendly open face, the way he interacted with the audience, the use and choice of music all charmed me.  I wondered to myself if there were street performers such as this within my own home city; I have never seen one.  By the end of the video I had a smile on my face.

This may be an everyday thing now but for some reason it struck me at that moment how amazing it all really is as I thought, “I just watched a street performer in Japan.”

Greetings and Salutations

Hello there and welcome to my little corner of the internet.  I hope your stay is pleasant and please help yourself to some tea (because tea is awesome).  If you’re wondering as to the purpose of this particular blog it is to both create a place to voice my thoughts and to constantly practice my writing, which I have had trouble doing as of late.

My interest spans from literature, to the misunderstandings of retail, to video games and all things geekery.  I hope you find something (or somethings) interesting, I know it’s a wide variety of topics but I do plan to set up and update a few other blogs that are more focused (like Eccentric Avatar detailing my various avatars’ adventures in any MMO I may be playing) if that is more your cup of tea.

So please, grab a cuppa get comfortable wherever you may currently be reclining and read on.