Warmachine: Who would you choose?

Justin and I were out for a walk and he asked me a question. “If you could pick spells, abilities, of warcasters to have in the real world, what would you choose?” Picking and choosing from my Faction seemed easy enough, so much awesome. So, I reworded the question and ended up with this:

If you were to gain the capabilities of a warcaster or warlock, and specifically had to choose one caster/lock’s stat line (focus, fury, mat, def, equipment), one set of abilities, one spell list, one feat, and could pick one personal warjack/beast. From within your chosen faction. Who would you be?

Keeping in mind, you are gaining these abilities and minion in the real world. Pick a colossal? Well, you’ve got to keep care of, house, and deal with having a colossal in a world of cities and owing the money if you break it.

A couple assumptions:

You retain that which makes you, you. All you are getting is new fantastical abilities. So, yes, Legion/Cryx, you are not corrupted into auto-evil.

Warcasters: You have the knowledge to repair your ‘jack (not as well as a mechanic, you need time, unless the abilties of your choice say otherwise), but, the resources are another thing.

Warlocks: You can heal your beasts, bastards, but you need to feed them too (or you know they might go berserk on animals/strangers).

Friendly faction and Warrior models are people. Undead/Constructs are as written. Battlegroup is still your one jack/beast. Ignore other caveats (or get creative as to its translation into the real world).

Statlines include everything, even the mount, are you super fast because of a mount? Well, you’re only super fast if you ride that mount, otherwise you have a basic speed of 6. You get the weapon(s) but have to deal with that whole, “not allowed to carry it around” problem.

We’re assuming most common modern firearms are not sufficient to dent a warcaster or warlock. We’d be demigods amongst mortals, they need something more exotic with a little more punch to even hurt us.

You can Feat once a day (we can feat once a battle so, seems a good translation).

Want that ‘jack/beast bond? You need to take at least one aspect from the bonded caster/lock.

Abilities, spells, feats, work as they are presented in the tabletop game. No adding book fluff, though you can add your own slightly creative spin, this is an exercise of fun (ex. Harbinger floats, I took her Divinity ability, I float, but without the crazy needing to be chained down. I just really want to float around).
My Picks as a Menoth player….

Harbinger’s stat line, Harbinger’s abilities, Tristan’s spells, The High Reclaimer’s feat, with the Avatar of Menoth.


O.K, you may ask “Why not Kreoss3 or Reznik, Wrath of Ages, stat lines?” Well, ten focus is the bomb, I’m use to having low strength, and I don’t want to have the additional worry of a horse, or riding a siege engine (with horses). Sure, my defenses are crap, but I’ve got focus (so much awesome focus) and Inviolable Resolve, and the chances of running into someone attacking me who is armed with enough firepower to deal with a magic user is low.

Harbinger’s abilities combined with Tristan’s spell list and The High Reclaimer’s feat is a no-brainer to me. I’m essentially Jesus. I can heal, stop people from dying (then heal them), and resurrect people (then heal them). People are in Awe of me, which sounds great. Can’t be knocked down (no more tripping, only sweet, sweet, floating). Plus, having the sight of a god seems pretty a-o.k to me.

Avatar is my favourite. Bias wins on the ‘jack pick. O.k, it makes Manifest Destiny moot, but he doesn’t need me to feed him my spectacular ten focus. Menoth’s gaze is neat. He has the highest strength of our heavies, an awesome mat, half-decent speed (unlike the rest), and great armour. And of course, Hand of the Creator ensures I never need to acquire resources to repair him, only some of my sweet ten focus. Plus, he looks rad.

I’d be…

Robyn, The Herald of Canada